Winning NHS Dental Tenders

Winning an NHS Dental Tender

NHS dental tenders offer many benefits including the security of long term income for your practice. However, the application and approval process can be long and highly demanding, with potential pitfalls at every stage. The team at Long & Co has exceptional experience in helping dental practitioners achieve success in the tender process. We can put our knowledge and skills to work for you as you take this important step – and we will give you every support as you start to operate under your newly won status and begin to deliver what you have promised.

The majority of NHS dental contracts are tendered by NHS England. A vital part of the NHS dental tenders tendering process, from the supplier’s point of view, is to understand precisely what are NHS England’s requirements and expectations as set out in the tender itself. We can help you assess the degree of commitment that the tender requires and how it will impact on your work. Can you establish and deliver all that is required within the timeframe set by NHS England? Have you and your colleagues the requisite experience to deliver the tender? Are your premises adequate? Only if you are confident on all counts would we advise you to proceed to the first stage – preparation and submission of the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ).

The PQQ is a comparatively short document comprising qualifying questions. Your answers enable NHS England to evaluate whether you are a serious candidate for the next stage, the Invitation to Tender (ITT). You will usually be asked for information concerning your organisation and workforce, your finances, your experience along with evidence of health and safety policies and adherence to equal opportunities. Because detail and clarity are paramount here, having a third party such as Long & Co to review and advise on your submission can prove the difference between success and failure.

An Invitation to Tender is the next and most exhaustive stage. You will need to provide evidence of your policies and methodologies to back up all you have stated in your PQQ, and to provide detailed costings that are realistic, workable and represent value for money for the NHS. Again, we can assist you in preparing these costings, which should take into account such issues as the costs of operating the practice, salary costs and equipment fees, and profit projections for the period covered by the tender. The tender document will need to be clearly written, professionally presented and submitted on time.

If your ITT has impressed the NHS sufficiently, you will be added to a shortlist and asked to a formal interview by a panel of healthcare professionals. You are certain to be questioned regarding how you arrived at your costings, but it is important to be prepared for questions on any issue relating to your application. We will help you prepare for this and will arrange for the attendance of one of our team if required.

The final stage is the award of the contract itself. If you have been successful, Long & Co will give any assistance you need regarding the setting up of your new practice and its ongoing management. It is at this point that the hard work really begins, as you set out deliver services according to the terms of your NHS contract.

If you are undaunted by the length and complexity of the NHS dental tender process and are ready to press ahead, do get in touch with the team at Long & Co. From initial discussion to full-scale delivery, we guarantee to be at your side during every stage of the NHS dental tenders.

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