Medical Accountancy

Medical accountancy

From consultants to locums, from GPs to specialist hospital staff, no medical professional can afford to practice without the services of a fully qualified and highly experienced accountant.

Whatever your specialisation or status, medical accountancy support is essential – and not simply to ensure that your accounts are kept in a timely and appropriate manner. The right accountant will help you handle all the financial challenges that arise as you progress your medical career, from maximising your income in a tax-efficient manner right through to wealth management and pension planning.

With City Accountants (London) Ltd working on your behalf, you will benefit directly from the knowledge and experience of accountants who know the medical profession inside out. Because we’ve represented staff at all levels of the NHS and the private medical sector for many years, we know intimately the pitfalls and opportunities that exist within the current tax system and how they impact on medical professionals. We are superbly placed to guide and advise you as the reforms within the NHS continue and new challenges emerge that may affect your financial and tax positions.

If you run a practice, we can guide you through the minefield that is VAT, manage your payroll and support you with cash flow forecasting. If you receive income from diverse sources such as hospital consultancy, private patients or participation in consultative or advisory bodies, we can advise on the best means of managing that income from a tax perspective. And if you are considering an important new step in your career – establishing a new practice, perhaps, or going into partnership – we will help prepare you in the most practical way for the financial implications of such a move, which could include anything from raising finance for equipment or premises to advice on best use of working capital.

For any medical professional, choosing an accountant is the first step towards achieving financial peace of mind. By choosing City Accountants (London) Ltd, you’ll have the support of an accountancy team with an unrivalled understanding of the profession to which you are dedicated. Let us help you grow and prosper.

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