Reduce Your Tax Bill

Reducing your tax bill is not a matter of adopting aggressive or complex tax schemes, but rather of identifying which of the many tax reliefs and allowances specifically granted by law are available to you.

Long & Co’s expertise in this field is rooted in many years of working in and for dental professionals such as yourself. We will act to ensure that your tax bill reflects everything that you can claim for – which in most cases will include not just everyday dental expenses but expenditure on new technology, capital equipment, vehicles, pensions and staff training. And we can advise you on the benefits of incorporation, which with careful financial management could reduce your tax bill by 30 to 50 per cent.

When it comes to keeping your tax burden to a minimum, there really is no substitute for the experience that Long & Co can offer. What we have achieved over the years for your fellow professionals, we can achieve for you.

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