Negotiation Consulting

If you have ever had to conduct delicate negotiations over a contract or a business decision, you’ll know how priceless a skill it can be. Mastery of the art of negotiation comes with experience, knowledge and dedication – precisely the qualities that the consulting team at Long & Co are ready to apply on your behalf.

There is no facet of running a business that cannot be improved by the application of effective negotiation techniques, from sales and marketing and human resources right through to protection of your company’s assets and reputation. With our consultants working for you, you will have the tools to execute your most important negotiations, whatever the particular challenge or opportunity.

Giving you the means to take control

Using proven negotiation planning tools and methodology, we will give you the means to take control of the negotiation process and achieve the outcome you require. Whether you are seeking to cement a new business opening or partnership, or wish to deal conclusively with a situation that is hindering expansion and draining your resources, engaging a professional negotiating team of the calibre of Long & Co will make a real and quantifiable difference to your company’s health and profitability.

A systematic approach

There are numerous areas in which any business can benefit from the guidance of external negotiation experts – in securing vital financial deals, for example, or a deal that eases the company’s tax burden. Drawing on their knowledge of all aspects of 21st century accountancy, Long & Co consultants have unrivalled experience not just in these areas but in negotiating international deals for our clients. We approach every case systematically and objectively, focusing on careful planning and preparation, suggesting appropriate negotiation strategies, identifying strengths and weaknesses in the other party’s arguments, and advising on such issues as to when to make concessions and when to press harder.

It goes without saying that the final decision on any negotiating issue will always be yours. Our objective will be to provide you with everything you need in terms of advice, guidance and information to ensure that the decision you make is right for you.

Our areas of Expertise include:

-City and Banking                                                   -HMRC and VAT

-TV and Media                                                           -Airlines and Leasing

-Multinational Tendering                                   -Insurance and Legal

To discover more about how the consulting team at Long & Co can guide and support you through the negotiation maze, call 01438 722224 today.

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